On regular basis, ITHB invites renowned technology experts, scientists, professionals, business-owners and entrepreneurs to deliver public lectures (Studium Generale and Industry Forums) in campus to broaden student's understanding and awareness on actual and emerging issues faced by the industry as well as technological advances taking place around the world.

Did you know the following FACTS?
More than 40% of our final year students EVERY YEAR were employed PRIOR to their graduation
As for the rest, the average 'waiting time before employment' is less than 3 months
Some companies have gone so far by offering scholarships for our students in order to be able to recruit our best graduates

Dr. Ir. Siswono Yudhohusodo
Chairman of PT. Bangun Tjipta Sarana, Republic of Indonesia Presidential Election Candidate 2004
Studium Generale on "Semangat Kewirausahaan dan Prospek Kebangkitan Ekonomi Indonesia"

Wimala Widjaja
Chief Information Officer/Direktur, Dexa Group
Studium Generale on "Business Risk Management and IT"

Darwin Silalahi
President Director, PT Shell Indonesia
Studium Generale on "Menjadi Pemimpin dan Membuat Perubahan – Life Story not Job Title"

Dr. Charles Saerang
Presiden Direktur PT. Nyonya Meneer, Tbk
Studium Generale on "Entrepreneur Success on Marketing"

Dr. Martha Tilaar
Founder and Chairwoman of Martha Tilaar Group
Studium Generale on "Enterpreneurship"

Ir. Ciputra
Chairman of Ciputra Group
Stadium Generale on "Pendidikan untuk Bangsa"

Betti Alisjahbana
President Director PT. IBM Indonesia
Studium Generale on "Career at Integrated Global Company"

DR. Ir. Matius Jusuf, MM, MBA, D.Min
CEO PT. Sarana Multiland Mandiri
Studium Generale on "You Are The Next Entrepreneur"

Elisa Lumbantoruan
CEO of PT. Hewlett Packard Indonesia
Studium Generale on "Building an Adaptive Enterprise: Darwin Architecture IT Framework"

Paulus Bambang W. S.
Vice President, PT. United Tractors Tbk
Seminar on "Preparing for a Better Life"

Alim Markus
President Director, Maspion Group
Seminar on "Family Business & Chinese Prosperity"

Prof. Dr. Sukamdani Sahid Gitosardjono
Chairman, SAHID Group

Seminar on "Family Business & Chinese Prosperity"


Pramukti Surjaudaja, MBA
President Director, Bank NISP Tbk
Seminar on "Family Business & Chinese Prosperity"

Ir. Soenoto
Chairman of PT. Erlangga BNH, Chairman of CV Ghanesa Rattan, Chairman of PT. Toyamilindo, Chairman of PT. Sangshaka, Chairman of Dhamar-USA and Chairman of Diega-Singapore.
Seminar on "Entrepreneurship di Kalangan Para Intelektual"

Harry Kaligis
Education & Development General Manager, PT. Sun Microsystems Indonesia
Studium Generale on "Can We Survive"

Hanry Kumala, MBA
General Manager, PT.EDUGATE
My SAP ERP Seminar on "The ABC’s of SAP"

Dr. Choong Yeow Wei
Vice President and Dean Faculty of Applied Science and Multimedia, Help University College - Malaysia
Studium Generale on "Business Intelligence"

Ikin Wirawan
CEO PT. Walden Global Services
Studium Generale on "Framework Ruby on Rails dan Perkembangan Bisnis Web Development"

Tjahjadi Lukiman
CEO, Adira Motor
Studium Generle on "Right Process Will Bring Great Result"


Dr. Ir. Budi Rahardjo
ICT Expert and Electrical Engineering from ITB
Seminar on "Technopreneurship at ITHB"

Dr. Yono Reksoprodjo, ST. DIC
Member of Education and Training Department, Indonesian Ministry of Defense
Studium Generale on "Mendulang Peluang di Teknologi Informasi"

Onno Widodo Purbo
Pakar ICT Indonesia
Seminar on "WIMAX 2010, The Future Connection"

Ir. Indra Susanto, MM
Booz Allen Hamilton Associate
Seminar on "Local Graduates for World Class Companies"

Dr. Sue Kheong Lye
Director of Information Systems & Enabling Tech. & Innovations RBC Ministries
Studium Generale on "IT at Changi Airport, Singapore : Current Applications & Future Outlook"

Jim Grisanzio
Senior Program Manager, Sun Microsystems Tokyo, Japan
Open Solaris at ITHB

Nurul Arifin
Artis Senior Indonesia
LASIK Medical Technology

Wahyu Aditya
Pakar dan Tokoh Animasi Nasional

Mark Mc. Clendon
CEO, Cahaya Bagi Negeri
"Basic TV Production" Workshop at ITHB

Ir. Widhi Nugroho, MCom, MICT
AVP Content & Application, Direktorat Konsumer, Telkom
Studium Generale on "Content & Application"

Ir. Dicky Gumilang, M.Sc
Information System & Technology Division Head, DHARMA GROUP
Seminar on "SAP Implementation in Automotive Industry"

Prof. Dr. Matthias Aroef, MSIE
Pendiri Pendidikan Tinggi Departemen Teknik Industri di Indonesia, Guru Besar (Emiritus) Teknik Industri Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Mantan Ketua Dewan Produktivitas Tenaga Kerja Nasional
Studium Generale on "Peranan Manajemen dalam Meningkatkan dan Memaksimalkan Prestasi Produktivitas Tenaga Kerja"

Ir. Agung Terminanto, MBA
Manager Industrial System Development, PT. Suryaraya Rubberindo Industries (Astra Group)
Seminar & Discussion on "ASTRA BERBAGI ILMU : Enterprise Resources Planning - Pengalaman Implementasi di Dunia Industri"

Prof. Dr. Sukamdani Sahid Gitosardjono
President Commissioner, Sahid Group
Studium Generale on "Family Business & Chinese Prosperity"

Mario Margiano
President Director, YOMART Minimarket
Studium Generale on "Entrepreneurship & Franchising"

Endra Halim
Group Head Core Application Management 1, PT. Bank Central Asia, Tbk.
Studium Generale on "Technology Trends in Banking"

Hendra Tanumihardja
Chief Manager - Learning and Development Division, PT. Bank Central Asia, Tbk.
Studium Generale on "Technology Trends in Banking"