Head of the study program
Dr. Laura Lahindah, S.E., M.M.
Prospects of the Study Program

The industrial era 4.0 which demands technological developments such as AI, Internet of Things and Machine Learning, of course, has an impact on the concentration in the field of management science such as marketing, namely digital marketing. Digital marketing will later become the most powerful marketing model in the industrial era 4.0. How not, almost everyone uses digital media, from adults and parents to children. So marketing in the digital world will be increasingly needed. Almost all businesses, both large and small businesses, also open vacancies such as Digital Strategist, Social Media Strategist, Social Media Specialist and SEO Specialist. Because the need for a lot of work makes opportunities for work very wide open.

What Is Learned
Introduction to Business 
General Management  2
Organizational behavior 3
Micro Economics 3
Religious education 2
Pancasila and Citizenship 3
English I 2
Business Mathematics 3
Total SKS 21
Business Organizations 2
Consumer behavior 2
Introduction of accounting I 3
Practicum Introduction of accounting I 1
Statistics I 3
Macro economics 3
Core Skills And Character 2
Bahasa Indonesia Lessons 2
English II 2
Total SKS 20
Marketing Management 3
Business and Organizational Communication 3
Introduction of accounting II 2
Practicum Introduction of accounting II 1
Financial management 3
Statistics II 3
International Monetary System 3
Introduction to Computer Applications 2
Practicum Introduction to Computer Applications 1
Total SKS 21
Sales Management 2
Brand Management 3
Integrated Marketing Communication 2
Cost accounting 3
Securities Analysis and Valuation 3
Operational Management I 3
Human Resource Management I 3
Career Plannning
Concept ERP dan Simply Accounting
Total SKS 19
Digital Marketing I 3
Customer Relationship Management 3
Management Accounting 3
Taxation 2
Operational Management II 3
Human Resource Management II 3
SAP Introduction to SAP ERP with GBI V2 2
General Computer Skills and Communication Skills
Work management 2
Total SKS 21
Digital Marketing II 3
Marketing Research 3
Retail Management 2
Visual Merchandising 2
Strategic Management 3
Supply Chain Management 3
Business Research Methodology 3
Career Roadmap
Management information System 2
Total SKS 21
Management Control System 3
Management Seminar 3
Elective Courses 3
Internship 2
Leadership and Entrepreneurship
SAP Business Process Integration I 2
Total SKS 13
Final Project 6
Elective Courses 3
Total SKS 9
What makes it different from other campuses
  • ITHB Management Study Program is present as the only study program that focuses on Digital Marketing and Marketing Technology in Bandung.
  • The international certification from SAP makes Management graduates fast hiring companies


College Student &

Tim Manajemen ITHB Juara 1 Nasional
April 2018
Juara 1 Nasional Kompetisi CREATION - Creative Enterpreneurship Competition 2018
Head of the study program
Dr. Laura Lahindah, S.E., M.M.
Dr. Laura Lahindah, S.E., M.M.
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