Online Business
Head of the study program
Dr. Laura Lahindah, S.E., M.M.
Prospects of the Study Program

Online business is increasingly developing, increasingly able to move the world economy

In 2025 there will be 2,100 trillion online business opportunities in Indonesia. In other words, the skills learned in this study program are not only suitable for those who are starting a digital-based start-up (new business), but also for those who aspire to develop existing digital businesses (for example by developing digital marketing), or those who aspire to enter the corporate world: for example by changing traditional businesses to ones that are equipped with strengths in the online sector

What Is Learned
General Management
Creative and Innovative Mindset 3
Software Development I 3
Practicum Software Development I 1
Information Technology Infrastructure I 3
Pancasila and civic education 3
Religious education 2
English I 2
Total SKS 20
Business Statistics 3
Consumer behavior 2
Software Development II 3
Practicum Software Development II 1
Information Technology Infrastructure II 2
Core Skills And Character 2
Bahasa Indonesia Lessons 2
English II 2
Total SKS 17
Marketing Research 3
Supply Chain Management 3
Accounting Principles 4
Marketing Management 4
Online Media Communication 2
Leadership and Enterpreneurship
Elective Courses 1 2
Elective Courses 2 2
Total SKS 20
Valuation 2
Business Strategy 2
Visual Content 3
Web Application Development 3
Practicum Web Application Development 2
Operation & Service Management 3
Internship 2
Career Planning
Total SKS 17
Digital Marketing I 3
Practicum Digital Marketing I 1
Advertising Script 3
Online Branding 2
Software Development Management 2
General Computer Skills and Communication Skills
Elective Courses 3 2
Elective Courses 4 2
Elective Courses 5 2
Total SKS 17
Digital Marketing II 3
Practicum Digital Marketing II 1
Mobile Application Development 3
Practicum Mobile Application Development 1
Data analysis 3
Practicum Data analysis 1
User Interface Design 3
SAP ERP Introduction
Career Roadmap
Elective Courses 6 3
Total SKS 18
Final Project – Ideation 3
Final Project – Selection 3
Final Project – UI/UX Design 6
Final Project – Prototype Development 6
Total SKS 18
Final Project – Prototype Testing 2
Final Project – Business Plan Strategy and Business Plan 4
Final Project – Business Plan Operation 4
Final Project – Business Plan Marketing 4
Final Project – Business Plan Valuation 4
Total SKS 18
What makes it different from other campuses
  • Have knowledge of the concepts of Digital Business Development and Management.
  • Able to carry out operational management functions which include planning, organizing, leadership / directing, and controlling in various organizational activities in order to achieve certain goals.
  • Able to develop digital marketing techniques using information technology.
  • Able to solve problems with quantitative and qualitative approaches through the development of creative alternative solutions, utilizing primary and secondary data and information appropriately and correctly.
  • Able to apply governance principles in the operational activities of the organization.
  • Upholding law enforcement and having integrity, putting the interests of the nation and the wider community above personal interests.
  • Able to be responsible for their own work and can be given responsibility for the achievement of the work of the organization and able to evaluate the results that have been achieved.


College Student &

Online Business
Tim Online Business ITHB berhasil masuk 10 besar nasional dalam ajang kompetisi Pitch First.
Dalam kompetisi tersebut, Darren Benaya dan Winston Xu (Online Business ‘18) menyampaikan ide bisnis Aptana, sebuah aplikasi yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan keterampilan para pengangguran di Indonesia.
Head of the study program
Dr. Laura Lahindah, S.E., M.M.
Dr. Laura Lahindah, S.E., M.M.
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