Visual Communication Design
Head of the study program
Egi Anwari, S.Sn., M.Ds.
Prospects of the Study Program

In the era of the creative industry, a creator or creative worker has an increasingly important role. The creative industry sector contributes to the growth of the creative economy. The development and novelty of media, especially in the online era, has made DKV designers increasingly needed, for example in the field of digital marketing which really needs advertising experts, branding experts, and even designers for designing a game.


Advertising Career Opportunities:

  • Creative Director
  • Art Director
  • Copywriter
  • Storyboard Artist

Graphic Design Career Opportunities:

  • Branding Designer
  • UI / UX designer
  • Packaging Designer
  • Web Designer Typographer

Game Animation Career Opportunities:

  • Character Designer
  • 3D Modeller
  • Animator
  • Designer level
  • Illustrator
  • UI / UX Designer
What Is Learned
Basic Visual Language Theory 2
Creative Mindset 2
Image Shapes 4
Expressive Image 4
Nirmana Dwimatra 4
Nirmana Trimatra 4
Religion Lessons 2
Total SKS 22
Digital Footography Basics 3
Design Mindset 2
Graphic Production Methods 2
Computer Graphics 2
Exhibition Engineering 2
Illustration I 3
Script I 3
Core Skills and Character 2
Total SKS 19
Image Perception 2
DKV I: Understanding of Visual Elements and Meaning 5
Audiovisual computer 2
Communication and Media Theory 2
Illustration II 3
Script II 3
Design Photo 3
English I 2
Total SKS 22
Visual Research Methods 2
Community Behavior 2
DKV II : Visual Identity Design 5
Audiovisual I 3
Advertising Script 2
Media Production Management 2
English II 2
General Computer Skills and Communication Skills
Total SKS 18
Cultural Studies 2
Design Innovation 2
Indonesian Fine Culture Studies 2
DKV III: Promotion Design 6
Audiovisual II 3
Elective I 2
Indonesian Language Lessons 2

Adobe Certified Associate – Visual Communication

Using Adobe Photoshop

Total SKS

Design History 2
Design management 2
DKV IV : Advertising Design 6
Creative Media 2
Advertising Campaign 2
Elective II 2
Pancasila and Citizenship 3
Career Planning
Total SKS 19
Design Overview 2
Visual Aesthetics 2
DKV V: Social Campaign Design 7
Technopreneurship 2
Tutorial Technopreneurship
Seminar 3
Career Roadmap
Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Total SKS 16
Professional Work 3
Final Project 8
Total SKS 11
What makes it different from other campuses
  • The curriculum is carefully arranged so that it is easy to understand and practice but is still adaptive to changes in media and technology in the industrial era 4.0
  • The work process is rich with creative and innovative design methodologies
  • Research / TA project collaboration with other relevant study programs
  • Specializations that are relevant and answer the needs and challenges in the future:
    • Digital Product Design (Designing animated visuals, games & digital applications that are relevant to the advancement of new media)

    • Advertising (Process messages with an engaging, memorable advertising language with a creative approach)

    • Graphic Design (Designing the company's brand identity, designing or organizing information in a visual language that is easy to understand and in accordance with the design objectives).


College Student &

Visual Communication Design
Juara 1 Painting & Juara 2 Photography
Mahasiswa DKV Silvi Lokasurya berhasil meraih juara 1 Painting dengan karya "Political Revolution" dan Andy Lysander meraih juara 2 Photography dengan karya "Insecurity House Beside the Train" dalam Engineers Talk About Art Competition 2016 di Swiss German University, BSD City
Visual Communication Design
Bandung Creative Hub A Design Competition
Tim DKV ITHB berhasil menjadi Juara ke-3 pada kompetisi Babarengan Pameran Marathon (BaPerThon) 2019 se-Kota Bandung. Mereka membuat media kreatif bernama BANDRING : Bandung Original Things.
Head of the study program
Egi Anwari, S.Sn., M.Ds.
Egi Anwari, S.Sn., M.Ds.
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