Fashion Apparel Design
Head of the study program
Egi Anwari, S.Sn., M.Ds.
Prospects of the Study Program

Products designed to be Good Design and economically valuable are a major concern in the creative industry era. Creative sub-sectors such as fashion, crafts or fashion supporting accessories are growing very fast. The breakthrough of ITHB's Product Design study program is specifically aimed at supporting fashion accessories products. FAD Study Program tries to answer the needs of creative workers to compete in the era of the creative industry.

What Is Learned
Basic Visual Language Theory 2
Creative Mindset 2
Image Shapes 4
Construction Drawing 4
Nirmana 2 Dimensions 4
Nirmana 3 Dimensions 4
Religion Subject 2
Total SKS 22
Digital Photography Basics 3
Design Mindset 2
Knowledge and Material Processing 1 2
Computer Presentation Techniques 3
Technical Exhibition 2
Engineering Drawings 3
Ergonomics 2
Core Skills and Character 2
Total SKS 19
Studio 1 2
Image Perception 5
Knowledge and Material Processing 2 2
Production Engineering With Computers 2
Product Photography 3
3 Dimensional Modeling 3
Design Photo 3
English 1 2
Total SKS 20
Studio 2 5
Semantics 2
History of Clothing and Accessories 2
Community Behavior 2
Entrepreneurial Knowledge 2
Bahasa Indonesia Lessons 2
Basic Pattern 3
English 2 2
General Computer Skills and Communication Skills
Total SKS 20
Studio 3 6
Research Methods 2
Production Management 2
Indonesian Cultural History 2
Pancasila and Citizenship 2
Applied Chemistry 2
Elective 1 2
3DSmax Certified
Total SKS 18
Studio 4 6
Cultural Studies 2
Design Innovation 2
Business Initiation 2
Trend and Forecasting 2
Environmental Knowledge 2
Elective 2 2
Career Planning
Total SKS 18
Studio 5 7
Aesthetics 2
Design Overview 2
Seminar 3
Technopreneurship 2
Technopreneurship Tutorial
Career Roadmap
Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Total SKS 16
Professional Work 3
Final Project 8
Total SKS
What makes it different from other campuses
  • Focus on supporting products for fashion accessories.

  • Practice making works through a creative process from the initial (upstream) to the final (downstream) phase

  • Students are trained how to market a product, attend exhibitions and understand how to compare a product

  • Learning IPR, especially protection in industrial design


College Student &

Fashion Apparel Design
Mahasiswa FAD sudah aktif melakukan pameran dan juga berwirausaha dibidang Asesoris Fashion
Meskipun belum ada lulusan, namun mahasiswa FAD sudah aktif melakukan pameran dan juga berwirausaha dibidang Asesoris Fashion
Head of the study program
Egi Anwari, S.Sn., M.Ds.
Egi Anwari, S.Sn., M.Ds.
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