Head of the study program
Ir. Inge Martina, M.T.
Prospects of the Study Program
  • Technological developments in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0 are moving faster. Terms such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Python and Internet of Things (IoT) have started to enter everyday life. This makes the need for experts in the field of technology also increasing.
  • Companies that have a digital strategy and adopt AI technology, get a profit of up to 10% greater than the average for similar industries.
  • Artificial intelligence is no longer a new thing, especially in the era of the industrial revolution 4.0. We can easily use AI technology through our smartphones.
What Is Learned
Algorithms and Programming 3
Prak.Algorithms and Programming 2
Web Design 2
Introduction to Information Technology 2
Prak.Introduction to Information Technology 1
Religion 2
English 1 2
Core Skills and Characters 2
Calculus 1 2
General Computer Skills and Communication Skills -
Total SKS 18
Data Structure 4
Prak.Data Structure 1
Mathematical Informatics 3
Web Programming 2
Basic Accounting 2
Pancasila and civic education 3
English II 2
Calculus II 2
Total SKS 19
Object Oriented Programming 3
Prak.Object Oriented Programming 1
Database 4
Prak.Database 1
File System 3
Algorithm Strategy 3
Information Systems 2
Matrix and Vector Space 3
Total SKS 20
Operation System 3
Prak.Operation System 1
Database System 3
Prak.Database System 1
Software Engineering 3
Platform Based Programming 2
Probability and Statistic I  2
Probability and Statistic I  Lab. 1
Indonesian Language Lessons 2
Career Planning -
Total SKS 18
Human Computer Interaction 2
Artificial Intelligence 3
Computer Network 3
Prak.Computer Network 1
Probability and Statistic II 2
SAP ERP Introduction 2
Leadership and Enterpreneurship -
Elective Courses -
Total SKS 13
Advance Software Engineering  3
System Testing and Implementation 2
ERP Design and Implementation 2
Image processing 3
Machine Learning 3
SAP ERP Configuration 2
Career Roadmap -
Elective Courses -
Total SKS 15
Internship 2
Research Methodology 2
Software Project Management 2
Big Data 2
Critical Thinking 2
Technopreneurship 2
Tutorial Technopreneur -
Oracle 11g Administration  2
Elective Courses -
Total SKS 14
Computers and Society 2
Final Project 6
Total SKS 8
What makes it different from other campuses
  • International certifications from SAP and Oracle make Informatics graduates quickly recruited by top companies.
  • Industry-relevant curriculum proven to produce winning students.
  • The focus on leading technology (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) in all international courses and certifications makes Informatics graduates quickly recruited by top companies.
  • Lecturers update from top campuses and have practical experience, which makes the learning process easier.
  • Accelerated classes that allow students to graduate faster.


College Student &

Johanes Cristanto, S.T.
Januari 2019
Menjadi satu-satunya Fresh Graduate yang tergabung dalam Growth Hacking Multinational Team Grab
Tim Informatika ITHB Juara 1 Nasional
Januari 2019
Kompetisi web design tingkat perguruan tinggi "UNIBI Technology Competition"
Tim Informatika 5 Besar Nasional
Mei 2019
Tim Informatika ITHB berhasil menjadi juara 5 besar Nasional dalam kompetisi ”UAJY SILOAM HACKATHON 2019”. TIm ini berhasil meraih peringkat 5 besar dengan topik “Deteksi Katarak menggunakan Artificial Intelligence (AI) image recognition.”
Head of the study program
Ir. Inge Martina, M.T.
Ir. Inge Martina, M.T.
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