Supply Chain Management
Head of the study program
Dr. Ir. Ari Setiawan, M.T.
Prospects of the Study Program

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is a profession that is needed today and in the future. Because the manufacture of products and their sales require material availability management activities; distribution and transportation; demand management; warehousing; export Import; and procurement.

The SCM Study Program provides a Bachelor of Logistics (S.Log), which is a specific degree required for the SCM profession.

  • The rapid increase in the volume of the e-commerce business, especially in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, is driving an increase in the logistics business, which of course requires a very high supply of logistics experts.

  • Improving the performance of national logistics is one of the government's main projects, which certainly requires the support of a large number of logistics experts

  • The number of formal education in logistics is still very limited, so that graduates of the Supply Chain Management study program are very easy to get

What Is Learned
Religious Education 2
Indonesian Language Lessons 2
English I 2
Core Skills and Character 2
Sains 3
Sains Practicum 1
Systems Approach 2
Logistics Mathematics 3
Introduction SCM 2
General Computer Skills and Communication Skills  –
Total SKS 19
Spreadsheet 1
English II 2
Production Process 3
Problem Solving 2
Micro Economics 3
Pancasila and Citizenship 3
Materials Engineering 3
Logic and Computer Programming 2
Total SKS 19
Internship I 1
Industry Statistics I 2
Sales Planning and Production Control 3
Sales Planning Practicum 1
Forecasting 3
Packaging 2
Engineering Economics 3
Operational Research 3
Total SKS 18
Warehousing System 4
Practicum Warehousing System 1
Industrial Statistics II 2
System Modeling 2
Inventory System 3
SAP ERP – Introduction 2
Management information System 2
E-Business 2
Career Planning
Total SKS 18
Internship II 1
Quality Control 3
Procurement Management 3
System Simulation 2
Practicum System Simulation 1
Distribution and Transportation Systems 3
Practicum Distribution and Transportation Systems 1
Forwarding 2
Enterprise Resource Planning 2
Customer Relationship Management 2
Total SKS 20
Configuration ERP 2
Logistics Information Technology 2
Practicum Logistics Information Technology 1
Land Transportation System 2
Integrated Supply Chain Design 3
Project Management 2
Logistic Cost Analysis 3
Logistic Ritel 2
Public Transportation 2
Career Roadmap
Total SKS 19
Internship III 1
Research Methodology 2
Logistics Facilities 2
Import Export Process 2
Technopreneurship 2
Tutorial Technopreneurship 1
Business Research 2
Sea Transportation System 2
Service Management 2
Elective Courses 4
Leadership skill
Total SKS 20
Final Project 5
Professional Ethics 2
Elective Courses 4
International Certification 2
Total SKS 13
What makes it different from other campuses
  • International certification from CILT that makes SCM graduates quickly accepted by top companies

  • One of the pioneers of formal education in the field of logistics who was appreciated by President Joko Widodo

  • Lecturers update from top campuses and have practical experience, which makes the learning process even better

  • The curriculum focuses on the use of information technology in various processes


College Student &

Supply Chain Management
Penghargaan sebagai Pahlawan Digital UMKM 2020 dari Kementerian Koperasi dan UKM Indonesia.
Kevin Juan, mahasiswa angkatan pertama SCM ITHB yang baru saja lulus tahun ini. Inovasi Kevin semasa kuliah,, mendapatkan penghargaan sebagai Pahlawan Digital UMKM 2020 dari Kementerian Koperasi dan UKM Indonesia.
Supply Chain Management
Tim SCM ITHB Juara 3 Nasional
April 2019
Tim SCM ITHB Juara 3 Nasional Lomba Karya Tulis Ilmiah Civil Festival IX di ITENAS
Head of the study program
Dr. Ir. Ari Setiawan, M.T.
Dr. Ir. Ari Setiawan, M.T.
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