Information Systems
Head of the study program
Tamsir Hasudungan Sirait, S.Kom., M.T.
Prospects of the Study Program
  • Business digitization encourages all types of companies to operate online and creates a high need for the use of information systems in organizations. The implementation of information systems in organizations is a complex process which is the main competence of a Systems graduate
  • SAP's Enterprise Resource Planning certification opens global career opportunities in multinational companies in implementation projects


Information Systems Career Opportunities:

System analyst

System integrator

Project manager

IT Consultant Programmer

What Is Learned
Introduction to Information Systems


Information Technology Systems 2
Practicum Information Technology Systems 1
Programming Basics I 2
Practicum Programming Basics I 1
Business math I 2
Business Concepts 2
English I 2
Religion 2
Core Skills and Characters 2
Pancasila and Citizenship 3
Total SKS 21
Data and Information Management 2
Data and Information Management Practicum 1
Computer system 2
Computer Systems Practicum 1
Programming Basics II 2
Basic Programming Practicum II 1
Web Technology Project 2
Business Mathematics II 2
Management and Organization 2
English II 2
Indonesian Language Lessons 2
General Computer Skills and Communication Skills 1
Total SKS 20
Software engineering 3
E-Business 2
Business Process Analysis 2
Net Centric Computing 2
Praticum Net Centric Computing 1
Algorithms and Data Structures 2
Praticum Algorithms and Data Structures 1
Web Programming 2
Praticum Web Programming 1
Statistics I 2
Basic Accounting 2
Tutorial Basic Accounting
Total SKS 20
Information System Requirements Analysis 2
SAP ERP – Introduction 2
Business Process Management 2
Accounting Information System 2
Praticum Accounting Information System 1
Programming and Integrative Technology 2
Praticum Programming and Integrative Technology 1
Statistics II 2
Business Data Analysis I 2
Financial Management and Engineering Economics 2
Marketing Management  2
Career Planning  –
Total SKS 20
Information Systems Design and Architecture 3
Information Systems Project Management 3
Integrated information system 2
SAP ERP – Configuration 2
Database System 2
Human Computer Interaction 2
Business Data Analysis II 2
Elective Courses 4
Total SKS 20
Enterprise Architecture 2
Information Systems Development Project (Praticum) 2
Decision Support System 3
Information System Testing 2
Database Administration (Oracle) 2
System Performance Analysis 2
Business communication 2
Elective Courses 5
Career Roadmap
Total SKS 20
Information Systems Strategy, Management, and Acquisition 2
Information Technology Governance and Audit 3
Information Security and Risk Management 2
Internship 2
Information systems research methodology 2
Elective Courses 6
Leadership and Entrepreneurship
Total SKS 17
Thesis 4
Social and Information Systems Professional Issues 2
Total SKS 6
What makes it different from other campuses
  • Relevant to industry 4.0
    • ERP System (SAP - Certification and Opensource ODOO)
    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
    • Subdivision: IT Infrastruture Mgt, Business Intelligence, ERP System
    • Large Scale Data Management (HADOOP) - Data Engineering
    • IoT -Internet of Things
  • Holistic learning methods
  • Emphasis on the effective teaching and learning process, good interaction in the classroom, challenges students to be able to analyze and the ability to produce solutions and use the e-learning system (google classroom).
  • Studium Generale with leaders of leading companies and also invites IT experts in their fields and Alumni Sharing to increase knowledge


College Student &

Information Systems
Juara 2 Widyatama Academic Internasional Competitions & Exhibitions - Startup Proposal Contest
Juara 2 Widyatama Academic Internasional Competitions & Exhibitions - Startup Proposal Contest Sistem Informasi 2018 yaitu Priskarinda Putri Analicia Destiny (1218042), Ribka Wulan Simbolon (1218039) dan Lu'Lu'Ah Zakiyah (1218046).
Head of the study program
Tamsir Hasudungan Sirait, S.Kom., M.T.
Tamsir Hasudungan Sirait, S.Kom., M.T.
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